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A system is secure if the plans for the system are public, and the bad actors can still not break in.
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Sign up for GitHub
Follow the instructions here.
After successfully signing up, you will receive a verification email.  When you click on the link in the email you will be taken to this page:
In the "Search or jump to..." textbox (at the top of the page in black) enter, "WebAuthnPlus_Java".  You will be taken to this page:
Click on the link "mduffy215/WebAuthnPlus_Java".  You will be taken to this page:
Click on the "Code" button then click on the icon for "copy to clipboard"; this will copy the repository URL to your clipboard.
Create The Project in Eclipse
Note:  The name of the code repository is "WebAuthnPlus_Java"; the name of the Eclipse project is "foundation".
Once you have the repository URL from GitHub, you can easily checkout the "foundation" project into Eclipse.
Within Eclipse, clik on the File dropdown menu and select Import.  The "Import Select" screen is displayed.
Expand the "Git" options and select "Projects" from Git; click "Next".  The "Select Repository Source" screen will be displayed.
Select "Clone URI" and click "Next".  The "Source Git Repository" screen will be displayed.
Because the repository URL was copied to your clipboard (above), this form should auto-populate; if not, paste the URI into the form.  Enter your "User" name and "Password" and click "Next".
The "Branch Selection" screen will be displayed.
Select "Main" and click "Next".  The "Local Destination" screen will be displayed. 
Select the directory, set the "Initial branch" to "main" and click "Next".  The "Import Wizard" screen will be displayed.
Select "Import existing Eclipse projects" and click "Next".  The "Import Projects" screen will be displayed. 
Select "foundation" and click "Next".  The project will open in Eclipse.  Give it a minute to build and most of the red icons will disappear.
The remaining red icons will disappear when we install the Tomcat web application server.  But first, we will install the MySQL relational database management system (RDBMS) and create the project database.
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