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Trust Nexus
WebAuthn+ JSON DLT ~ The Internet of Value
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When the solution to cybersecurity authentication emerges, everyone will say, "Of course, this is how it had to be."
Our source code and itellectual property is governed by a modified open-source license.
In order to establish our infrastructure and generate good will, much of our technology will be licensed for a nominal fee or given away for free. 
Our goal is to create a technology ecosystem for the Internet of Value.  Our strategy is to price our annual user license so low that no organization will risk the negative consequences of violating the license or the intellectual property.
There are significant benefits, especially in terms of security, for all the players to share a common open-source platform and be able to modify the code base for their specific interests.
Our technology is completely FREE for every publicly facing website for general user authentication.  There will be licensing fees for corporations and government agencies for internal authentication (e.g., free for banking customers; a small annual fee for banking employees).
Our technology is completely FREE for any business organization with less than 1,000 employees.
Our technology is completely FREE for all colleges and universities.  We hope that the open source project will be used in teaching.
Our technology for encrypting data on a mobile device is completely FREE for everyone.  Everyone who cares about secure data on a mobile device should employ this technology.
The only organizations that are required to pay a license fee are business organizations with 1,000 or more employees and government agencies.
Creating the foundation and maintaining the infrastructure for the Internet of Value is going to be a great endeavor.  Funding will be required.  A very modest (in terms of cost/benefits) license fee for some business organizations is reasonable.
Also, we are not socialists.  We believe the software developers who contribute to this effort should be well compensated.  The idea that talented software engineers should contribute their talents as slave labor to the richest corporations in the world is truly ridiculous.
Theory X:  People are essentially bad.  They are selfish, deceptive, motivated by self-interest and need to be punished and rewarded.
Theory Y:  People are essentially good.  They are altruistic, honest, motivated by the greater good and understand universal laws.
The Trust Nexus is a Theory Y organization that understands Theory X people need consequences.  We will take legal action against those who violate our license or intellectual property.  We will reward those who report violations.
The cost of an annual user license is tied to the price of gold.
An IVY Unit is a cryptographic token backed by 1/1,000 of an ounce of gold (currently about $1.51 USD).
The cost of an annual user license is one IVY Unit, currently about $1.51 USD (that is a little more than twelve cents per internal user per month).  So if a federal agency with 10,000 employees (and millions of external users) licenses the platform, the annual license cost would be $15,100.
There is an organizational cap on the license cost:  100,000 IVY Units.  If a major bank with 250,000 employees (and millions of external users) licenses the platform, the annual cost would be $151,000 (about the cost of one good software developer).
The license allows resellers to integrate the platform into customized solutions.  Resellers must act as agents and collect the license fees.
How much will secure authentication save the world economy?  Compare that cost savings to the modest license fees for WebAuthn+.
License Highlights
The key restriction of the license is that the source code cannot be reposted to a public repository; you cannot publicly fork the platform.
If you are a reseller, you can modify the source code and make the byte code (e.g., WAR file without source code) available to your private customers.
You are not required to give modifications back to the project, although of course quality modifications are welcome.
The cost of an annual user license is 1 IVY Unit.
We plan to create a program that will compensate core developers who contribute to the open source effort.
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© Copyright 2019 ~ Trust Nexus, Inc.
All technologies described here in are "Patent Pending".