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Trust Nexus
JSON DLT ~ The Foundation of the Internet of Value
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When the solution to cybersecurity authentication emerges, everyone will say, "Of course, this is how it had to be."
Theory X:  People are essentially bad.  They are selfish, deceptive, motivated by self-interest and need to be punished and rewarded.
Theory Y:  People are essentially good.  They are altruistic, honest, motivated by the greater good and understand universal laws.
The Trust Nexus is a Theory Y organization that understands Theory X people need consequences.
Our goal is to create a technology ecosystem for the Internet of Value.  Our strategy is to price our annual user license so low that no organization will risk the negative consequences of violating the license.
The cost of an annual user license is tied to the price of gold.
An IVY Unit is a cryptographic token backed by 1/1,000 of an ounce of gold (currently about $1.22 USD).
The cost of an annual user license is six IVY Units, currently about $7.32 USD (that is sixty-one cents per user per month).  So if a federal agency with 10,000 employees licenses the platform, the annual cost would be $73,200.
The license allows resellers to integrate the platform into customized solutions.  In this case the reseller receives two thirds of the annual platform license revenue (4 IVY Units) plus any other customization charges; the Trust Nexus receives two IVY Units per user annually.
License Highlights
The key restriction of the license is that the source code cannot be reposted to a public repository; you cannot fork the platform.
If you are a reseller, you can modify the source code and make the byte code (e.g., WAR file without source code) available to your private customers.
You are not required to give modifications back to the project, although of course quality modifications are welcome.
The cost of an annual user license is 6 IVY Units.
If the platform is used for financial funds transfer the users must pay a commission of 1/10 of 1% (0.001) to the Trust Nexus.  This amount is thirty times less the normal 3% charged for financial transactions and one hundred times less the the 10% or more charged for international funds transfers.
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© Copyright 2018 ~ Trust Nexus, Inc.
All technologies described here in are "Patent Pending".